Growth & Hygge

I have never seen the progression of a house becoming a home... until now. 

I still live in the house I grew up in, and I love it. That being said, It has always been home. Filled with family and friends and love. 

My boyfriend started leasing a house last December, and I am amazed at how sentimental it is seeing it one year later. 

 "I found a house in town!" Is what he told me at the beginning of last December. "It's not the nicest, but it'll work." 

I was skeptical to say the least. He brought me to see it at about 9pm after our Anniverary dinner. Let me just set the scene: 

Since it is already the beginning of December, the landlords agree to pro rate the rent, and leave the electricity off until he begins to move in. We walk into the 2 bedroom plantation home at around 9pm and it's DARK. We flick on a flashlight and take a look around. Although it is indeed clean, the house has been empty for a few weeks, and the strong dusty smell reflects it. The sink in the bathroom has a few rust stains on it, and so does the side of the refrigerator. The kitchen floor is made of linoleum and is slightly stained as well. However, The size and price is undeniably perfect for a young 23 year old man. 

A couple of days go by until he begins moving and I begin helping. The electricity is turned on and we begin planning furniture. He proudly builds his own bed frame and coffee table out of wood from Home Depot. He decides not to buy cable because Netflix. We go on countless trips to Target for basics; rugs, utensils, a futon couch, plates & bowls. Stuff like that. (he buys only 2 of each utensil and dish, because "one for me and one for you, when people come over we can use paper stuff") 

Numerous Costco trips later, he has a tv, a mattress, and all the toilet paper he needs.  

The first  "just because" purchase was a pair of monogrammed hand towels. One with an "A" on it, and one with a "K" on it, placed side by side on the towel rack in the bathroom. Although I don't live there, They remain there and always make me smile.

Fast forward nearly a year, and His place is like a second home to me. I spend a lot of time there, especially on weekends. It now has a small dining table acquired at a closed down hotel's estate sale, and just the other day I bought two place mats. I love counting the avocados on the tree in front of the house. Countless episodes of the Office (more specifically, all the episodes) and Game of Thrones have been watched on the futon couch, and endless cuddles have been shared. There are still only four dishes. We like to sit on the porch on warm afternoons. It is a home.

Growing together and making memories is what makes a house a home, and I have now seen it firsthand.

Recently, (after a lot of convincing of my man) my boss came over for an in- home portrait session, and she loved the charm of this little plantation home. Head over to her site to see more! All photos in this post are by Tracey Lyn Gapol! 

Thank you for being here. Wishing you all the hygge!