It's All In Here

It's embarrassing to admit, but I often find myself lusting after material things. For me personally, it's so dang easy to get caught up in things that I know in my heart of hearts don't matter. Instagrammers and bloggers set trends that I love, and I find myself thinking about non stop. However, Social media is not to blame... I am.

I know what matters: family. Friends. God. Relationships. Quality time. These things are such constants in my soul that they sometimes escape my thoughts. Sadly, we sometimes don't think about them until they're all  we can think about. How much we love our family. How much we love our friends. And now badly we want to hold onto them and remind them of that. In this season, I am working on focusing on these things.

I am reading a book called "Present Over Perfect", and one specific chapter brought me to tears. It is titled "it's all in here". In it, the author writes about how she had always been a people pleaser, stretching herself out so thin for people she barely knew, and that The person she was at the end of the day was not who she wanted to be for her family. She was doing everything for people who were "out there" and not enough for the people who were "in here". In her home and in her heart. 

What matters is all in here.  No matter how much I say I love  those chunky heeled boots, they will never equate to the people, the actual living beings that I love. I'm working on keeping what's in my soul consistent with what's in my mind. Not the back of my mind either; I never want to lose sight of what matters, and it is all in here.