I Refuse

It's a recurring topic that I hear all the time; mostly by my creator friends. "I like this picture but it'll throw my feed off". (The "feed" referring to their Instagram page's overall look.) I have to admit, the idea is enticing; looking at a social media profile and everything being totally cohesive. Usually, this refers to a certain color scheme or edit. I’m not going to lie, it is very appealing to the eye. (Wait did that rhyme? :P)

However, I have a pretty strong opinion about “theme”.  

First off, I am going to disclaim that I am in no way putting people down who love having a themed, cohesive  social media platform . I think it’s beautiful. Some of my very best friends do! I find it very artistic- but it can also limit our artistic abilities if we aren't careful.

Alright, so here’s my opinion; life is not ”themed”. And what even is social media if it isn’t simply a platform to share the important parts of our lives? Sure, it can be a great marketing tool for businesses, but I’m talking personal here. Why are we using social media to market our own personal lives? It’s almost as if we are trying to convince others that we have it all together 100% of the time. That we’re cohesive. That we are “aesthetic”. 

I’ve heard it said that someone’s “feed is messy.” Life is messy friends! Gloriously messy. Not every day looks the same. One day may bring a dark, cloudy sky and rain that makes you sleepy, and another a glorious clear sunrise against changing shades of blue that makes you feel energized to do all the things. One day may be lazy and filled with books and another may be spontaneous and adventurous and a million hues of fun. Some things that I love are the beach, books, Jesus, coffee, fashion, and the outdoors. All of these things are so so different. Every day is different, and all the things we love are different. Why should we try to paint them like they’re all the same? 

The only theme I want for my life is love. The only type of consistency I strive for people to see in my social media is recurring love. Love for whatever I am posting about, and love for the people who see them. That love could be in portrayed in black & white, in warm brown tones, or in wild, vibrant color. Life is not thematic, so why should I portray it that way?