Trying to Ball on a Budget: My Favorite Thrift Spots!

I’m gonna be totally honest here: ya girl doesn’t have a lot of money. As much as I hate to admit it, I’m pretty dang close to the stereotypical broke college kid. Between wanting to “take time to be young and able to spend money” and being a wise steward of my finances. Wanting to save for the future but also, (like I said; being totally honest) just really loving clothing and fashion. So where do I find balance? BING (hypothetical lightbulb) THRIFT STORES. 

Reasons I love thrifting: 1. Sustainability! Although it’s hard, I’m constantly trying to be more conscious of my consumerism, especially as someone who lives on an island.  (which equals landfill, which equals one day running out of land to fill) The more things that can be recycled, the better it is for the environment! I’ll admit it, I was always the one laughing at my mom for keeping those flimsy, pre packaged, plastic forks and knives the fast food restaurants give out. And although I wouldn’t go that far as of right now, recycled clothing is a start for me cracking down on my consumerism. Another reason I love thrifting: affordability.  Come on, who doesn't love a $10 dress?! Finally, I love thrifting for history. Now, not all clothing from thrift stores are vintage or have significant history. But that's what makes it that much more fun! The satisfaction of finding those few gems... nothing can quite compare.

here are a few of my favorite places to thrift shop! (They are good ones lemme tell you) 


 1. Stella's Place

If youve read any of my previous blog posts, you may know that I work for Tracey Lyn Photography. Our studio is located in downtown Hilo, conveniently next to Stella's Place; a second hand store that mostly specializes in Hawaiian designer wear. I've found COUNTLESS pieces there, some of them vintage. I find a gem nearly every single time I walk in there. And may I throw in that they have a $1-$2 rack?! I've bought a total of 4 pieces (and counting!) from Stella's but I'm going to share two of my favorite finds!


These are both vintage! The first is a calf length fitted dress with plumeria, hibiscus and tiare with cascading florals (my all time favorite, so classy in my opinion!)


The second is a more casual, shift- style dress with sleeves! It's by the pretty popular Iolani brand and so so comfy! Its material is nice and thick as well so I can just throw it in the dryer! The fit is more relaxed so its great for an everyday comfy dress. Bonus points for the fact that it has lilies on it AND that it was $10. Keep scrolling for more pics!

Can't see tha h8trz

Can't see tha h8trz



2. ThredUp  

Living in the small town of Hilo, there are only a handful of thrift stores available to me. Hilo is a very historic town, so the antique stores are amazing, but when it comes down to clothing, it's sometimes hard to find things that a. Fit you, and b. You flat out love.  

I recently discovered ThredUP and was instantly thrilled. It's a website/ app that buys secondhand clothing and sells them online! They inspect each item and list every and any imperfections on the product description. I especially love that you can shop by brand, type, and even size. So you can guarantee that the things you browse through are all your size! (I've been so in love with a thrifted find before that I had it altered from an XL to a medium to fit me)

I decided on 3 pieces from their app! 2 are originally from Zara and the skirt is new with tags from Old Navy! I mean COME ON!  

I'm not going to lie, I was a little skeptical about thredUP. I wasn't sure how honest their descriptions were of the products and how worn they were; but I ordered anyway. And let me tell you, I was NOT disappointed. Everything came quickly and in the cutest packaging. Don't ask me why, but my first instinct when I opened them was to smell the clothes. (Because they're secondhand) And I am not kidding you, they smelled like I just walked into Macy's. (You know, that distinct smell) Not like a retirement home at all! 

This yellow top and blue dress are both from Zara, and are in (literal) perfect condition. And, as expected the skirt was BRAND new with its tags still on! It fits like a dream and is so comfy and stretchy!

AND GUESS WHAT?! They've given me a discount code for ya! And it's not a stingy discount either like those 15% ones. Nope, use code ORDINARYSUNSHINE and receive 50% OFF YOUR FIRST TIME ORDER! (Don't worry, I would NEVER recommend something I don't trust) Go grab something sweet for half off!!!!! Hurry though, the code is only valid for the first 100 users until the end of March!

Zara top (probably my favorite)

Zara top (probably my favorite)

This dress is great for the beach (just throw it over your suit) because it’s material is thin and won’t stay sopping wet. Buuuutttt you can also dress it up! I wore it to work and it's perfect for transitioning into a date night :)

This dress is great for the beach (just throw it over your suit) because it’s material is thin and won’t stay sopping wet. Buuuutttt you can also dress it up! I wore it to work and it's perfect for transitioning into a date night :)


found these babies by shopping by specific brand! Shop Zara here, and Old Navy here! OR shop all dresses (set a filter for your size!) here, similar tops here, and all skirts here!

And there ya have it, folks! Thrifting is so fun for me and I will NOT be stopping any time soon. I'm so honored to have collaborated with ThredUp and will DEFINITELY be shopping there again! Go go go and head to their site and pick out some gems! (And let me know when you do!) And if you're in the mood to take a cruise to downtown Hilo, definitely stop in at Stella's! (But be careful, you won't be walking out empty handed).