My Code of Conduct

My Code of Conduct
It never dawned on me that people may have questions for me regarding my blog. To be honest it never really dawned on me that people actually read my blog. (Lol) That is, until one of my friends asked me a question about one of the pictures I used in my previous post. 

My phone dinged and on it, I read "omg did you take that picture you posted on your blog?!"  

I'm pretty dang new to the blogosphere so I had no clue why she'd ask me that; because In my mind, of course I did.

I had no idea that I could even use pictures I didn't take for personal "gain" on my blogging platform. (I legitimately thought it was illegal... it isn't, I looked into it haha.) This isn't to say that others can only post pictures they've taken and that I'm looking down on people who don't, it just leads me to the point of this post. I'm gonna lay everything out, all cards on the table. 


Today I'm happy gonna share a few things that I want all of my readers and friends to know. :) 


1. This blog may have no real rhyme or reason 

I love a lot of things. Jesus, photography, fashion (if you can even call it that), adventure, just to name a few. One thing that strings these things together for me though, is writing. I love to write. So I will. I will write about anything and everything. That being said, I don't have a niche, because essentially, I love too many things lol. 



2. All photos are my own unless stated otherwise 

I work for a photographer, and through my work I know that there is a very delicate etiquette when it comes to a photographer's rights & posting online. Many photographers work insanely hard at their craft and I have the utmost respect for that. Because of that, I will never take someone else's picture to use on my blog unless I have permission. In the case that I post pictures of myself or any other photo that isn't mine, I will be sure to credit the photographer.

P.S. the photographer will most likely be 1 out of the following 3 people:

  1. Tracey Gapol : check out her website here or on instagram @traceylyn
  2. Erika Pagan : check out her BLOG here or on instagram @erikasayssmile
  3. Travis Haspe: check out his YouTube here or on instagram @travislhaspe

 P.P.S. yes I have talented friends



3. Photoshop 

Aside from a few changes in the exposure or brightness or straightness of a picture, there will be no photoshopping. No liquefying. If you can see my pudge, well that's okay. (Working on confidence) What ya see is what ya get. 



4. I 100% appreciate you! 

I know I say it a lot, but I'm so so glad you are here. I really appreciate that you took the time to venture to my little corner of the internet and to spend this time with me.  


If you're still reading, thank you! Haha. I'm glad that I could clear a few things up and I hope that this post helped to share a little more about me and this blog. :)