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Finding Flowers

Karlie AustriaComment
Finding Flowers

There's a pretty well- known quote by Vincent Van Gogh that compares normality to a paved road: comfortable to walk, but boring and lack- luster, because no flowers grow there. While I LOVE adventure, (who doesn't) and I believe that life is a great big, grand adventure, I also believe that normality is inevitable. Now Vincent Van Gogh was one of the greatest artists to ever live, but I have to disagree with ole Vinny on the concept of normality. 


Some may say that normality stifles creativity and that in order to get your "creative juices" flowing, you need to step out of the ordinary. I completely agree with the fact that sometimes, we need a walk or to take a different route home to cultivate interest and creativity. However, I work in the creative industry and find that (for me, at least) normality is what you make of it. I for one, know that flowers grow in the cracks and crevices in my paved road every single day. I just need to recognize them.


I work for a photographer, and we are always brainstorming and dreaming up creative ways to improve and innovate. Here's a little recap of how my normal work day at the studio goes.


10:00 am: I come into the studio (that permanently smells like coffee). Our obnoxiously loud door chime goes off. (We use it for safety so we know when someone walks in.) My heels click and clack on the wooden floor. I turn on the air conditioning in the back office area. (Where we work when we don't have shoots) I head to the microwave/ coffee maker/ mini fridge corner and choose which mug I'd like to use on that particular day.


A flower grows. I love that we have a small collection of mugs at the office. This includes a few from Disneyland that our sweet Pomai brought back from her recent trip. One of them has polka dots and Minnie Mouse on it. Among the other choices are a University of Hawai'i at Hilo Vulcans mug that I got for free at a school event, a mug with red glasses and lips adorned with lipstick, and random things as such. I usually opt for the polka dots or my UH mug. #schoolspirit


10:05 am: I make a cup of coffee. I turn on my computer and open up my journal where I write down my to- do's for the day, and always make sure to draw a huge blue colored- in check mark next to the date. (Just because). I open up my usual tabs necessary to work and put on some music.


10:15 am: My boss and co- worker enter in the front of the studio. (Remember that obnoxiously loud door chime?) I hear their heels clicking and clacking on the wooden floor. "Good morning!"s are exchanged in unusually high pitched voices and we get to work in our very closely adjacent desks.


10:25 am: We synchronize to- do lists, and vow to keep each other on task. Sometimes responsibilities are delegated at this time. Before getting too deep into our work, we share something we've read or heard or somehow learned recently that we feel will be helpful to the business, or just to each other in general. (This is an unspoken routine, we don't do it on purpose)


A flower grows: Being able to communicate this way with my colleagues (who are also dear friends) just heart to heart is so valuable to me. We learn something new from each other every day as well as just share experiences and gain understanding from different points of view.


10:30 am: We get to work. On whatever needs to be done that way.


11:00 am: "To- do"s are being checked and crossed off.


A flower grows: Because productivity is awesome.


12:30 pm: "We should eat lunch soon." is spoken at least once.


1:00 pm: "Oh my gosh we really need to eat." is said.


1:30 pm: "Okay we need to eat now"... we stop to eat lunch. (Usually sushi to- go from the restaurant a couple doors down or miscellaneous items from the grocery store a block away) We talk about how we need to start packing lunch so we stop spending money by eating out. We talk about anything and everything. Sometimes friends stop by for lunch, such as my boss' sweet mother or husband, or our friend Travis (See my "Behind The Lens" post)


A flower grows: There is nothing quite like good conversation with good friends. Depending on the day's tasks and the conversation, we will spend anywhere from fifteen minutes to two hours on lunch.


2:30 pm: "I'm so full" is uttered. We get back to work.


3:00 pm: We all make another cup of coffee. 


A flower grows: Because coffee.


5:00 pm: Work is being wrapped up. I get a call from My boyfriend telling me that he is finished with work for the day and on his way home. He asks me what I want to do that night. We usually decide on making dinner at his house and watching a movie or show. ( We watch Game of Thrones, Duck Dynasty, and have recently been hooked on the Matrix trilogy, which is probably his favorite movie series. I've never seen them until now... I know.)


5:30 pm: We leave the studio. I head over to my boyfriends house and we exchange a huge hug and brief descriptions and stories from our respective work days.


A flower grows: A giant bear hug from my man? Yes please. Also, good conversation, encouragement and cuddles can go a very long way. 


6:00 pm: We make dinner, watch some tv, talk about anything and enjoy each other's company. Sometimes, we go to dinner with my parents or have dinner with my family at my house where we play with my pets. 


This is a rough draft of my normality, at least as of recently. Since it is summer, I have not been taking classes for the past few months. Some days are very different from the one I just described; this is a summary of my most ordinary, "uneventful" day, and yet, flowers are still growing and being cultivated through the normality of it all.


We've all physically seen flowers and plants growing through cracks in pavement, whether that be a sidewalk or the street. I believe this same occurrence can be figurative


 as well, if we have eyes and hearts to see and recognize them. I pray that you see and cultivate the flowers in your normality friends! If you have any that you can think of, I'd love to know what they are! Shoot me an email or a comment :)  Thank you for being here <3