Confessions of A “Petite” Girl

Confessions of A “Petite” Girl

I’m 5 ft and 3 inches tall.  

Growing up, I’ve ALWAYS played sports. I played basketball when I was ages 5-10 and volleyball from 9-19. 

Volleyball was my entire life throughout high school. Between high school season and the off season, I was either playing or training nearly every single day.  As an extremely active 16 yr old with a 16 yr old’s metabolism, I ate whatever I wanted. Slurpees almost every day before practice. I started weight training when I was 16 and built solid leg muscle and even some upper body strength. I was on the “higher end” of the healthy BMI for my height, but it was good weight. 

Then suddenly, I wasn’t 16 anymore. The every day workouts turned into once weekly workouts. And a lot of my muscle turned into fat. Not so good weight.

Something finally clicked. I started making healthier choices and working out more. But that’s not what I’m here to talk about. 

I’m here to talk about those times where I felt discouraged and ashamed to buy a pair of size 10 jeans made by a company from China when I thought I was a “size 4.”  Those times where I bought a dress a size smaller than what was comfortable for my body because I liked the size on its tag. The time I kept that dress because “I’m going to lose weight and then I’ll fit it again.” 

I’ve finally figured it out- clothing size is LITERALLY nothing but a number. An obsolete number at that. Sizes vary across brands and are never the same. Sizes can’t tell me who I am. Why would I torture myself by buying pants that don’t fit me just because I like the way the size sounds? It just doesn’t make sense. I KNOW that I’m making effort to be healthier, not just skinnier. So what’s wrong with my size 6 jeans? My size 8 shorts? Absolutely nothing. I am healthy, I am a woman with hips and legs that allow me to run and jump and climb and are getting stronger every day. Why should I be ashamed?


I know what you may be thinking; a size 8 is still small. Stop being dramatic. That’s something I’ve been told a ALOT. And I get it. Trust me, I do. However, for someone who is built with a smaller frame (what can I say, I’m Asian) , it feels and looks bigger than it sounds. I’ve had people say “oh wow, you don’t look like you’re a size 8” to which I of course politely reply “thank you” because I know it is meant as a compliment. But really, what does someone who wears a size 8 even look like? We are all so vastly different and beautiful in our own ways. I have hips and bulkier legs (which I love) and a little pooch on my lower belly (I’m workin on it lol). Another woman who wears a size 8 pant may have different features. You see, size means absolutely nothing. Having a HEALTHY body is much, MUCH more important. 

I own clothing ranging (literally) from sizes small to large, jeans ranging from sizes 2 to 10. And yet, I’m 5’ 3, and weigh 137 lbs. Not the most petite, but “petite” nonetheless. I’m working on being healthier by eating the right food and doing the right workouts. The size of my clothing does not define me. So I wear what’s comfortable, and urge you, beautiful girl (or boy) to do the same. Don’t insist on squeezing into that dress. You’ll look better AND more importantly feel better.