Life Lately

I haven’t been writing much lately, which I feel like is always the case with me lol. If you’ve noticed my '“absence”, wow… I love you hahaha. And if you haven’t, I don’t blame you! Life is hectic! Today, I’m gonna share a little update and insight into what  I’ve been gettin’ up to :)

1. School. ‘Nuff said lol. This semester, I’m taking an accounting course, a writing intensive course, as well as a couple of business courses. I love my professors and the curriculum is genuinely interesting to me. But then again, I love to learn almost anything haha! (did someone say NERRRDD)

2. I just started an internship with the Blue Zones Project! While it’s still so new to me, I’d heard of the program before. I love that I get to interact with so many different people, and that it’s a ‘cause’ that I totally believe in! I still work for Brio Photo Booth Co, but I juust started this internship this month and it’s been busy so I haven’t been boothin’ as much. I’ll give ya my stairwell speech lol:

The Blue Zones Project is a nonprofit health and well- being initiative. It was actually founded by a researcher at National Geographic who studied the 5 places in the world where people were living the longest- like 100 and over. They dubbed them the “blue zones”. He visited these zones for years and studied their lifestyles to see how in the world they were living so long! These people were active 100 yr olds too- lots of them were gardening and farming daily, riding horses, and having happy hour with their friends… like… what?! After all his research, he found 9 common things in all the lifestyles of these people in the Blue Zones, and that’s what we try to implement into communities :)

Our “Power 9”

  • Downshift: find a way to relax, and disconnect from your work and stress once your day is done.

  • Move Naturally: Find ways to be more naturally active- take the stairs, park a little further, tend a garden, etc.

  • Wine at 5: All of the people in the Blue Zones (Sardinia, Italy; Ikaria, Greece; Loma Linda, California; Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica; and Okinawa, Japan) have a happy, or “social” hour with friends every day. Whether it be wine or tea.

  • Belong: Belong to and attend a faith based organization 4 times a month. Any denomination. Psst if you’re looking for a Christian church to attend, come visit us at New Hope Hilo!

  • Plant Slant: Eat mostly plants. This one is a little hard, especially for people who grew up here in Hawai’i lol. Look up some hearty vegetarian or even plant based recipes! I promise there are tons of good ones out there ha. Personally, it makes it easier for me if I think of meat as a garnish or side dish instead of a main dish.

  • 80% Rule: Another hard one- only eat until you feel 80% full. The truth is, your stomach is usually full without you realizing it! It takes a bit for your brain to register that your stomach is full. Eating until you think you’re 80% full allows time for your mind to catch up to your stomach :) This one is especially hard for me… I love my food, and I’m a fast eater. Also, sometimes you just gotta get your money’s worth at the buffet amirite?

  • Right Tribe: Find some good friends. Hang out regularly. Das all.

  • Know your Purpose: Have a good idea of why you wake up in the morning.

  • Family First: Make your family a priority. Spend time together. You love one another after all!!

3. It may be the rain, but I’ve been really getting into the “Autumn” spirit over here! I use that term verry lightly lol because I do live in Hawai’i after all. I’ve been itching to bake for some reason, even though I literally don’t know how to make any baked goods from scratch besides cookies. But hey, I’ve got some flour, an apron, and Joanna Gaines’ cookbook so I’m ready to bake an apple pie and some cinnamon scones!!!! I also don’t like pumpkin spice anything, but heat me up and call me apple cider because I’m ready to douse myself in all the apple and caramel things. I also really wanna do something Autumn festival-y so if anyone knows of anything goin on please let me know! lol. Also I find myself drinking tea any chance I get, and wanting a robe. Send help.

4. I’m also itching for an adventure/ photo day. I really wanna take my new camera for a full day out and take pictures of my really cute friends. But midterms. I may be going on a sunrise hangout with my friend Crystal this Friday, so cross your fingers there’ll be some light!!

Alright, so I think that’s all for now! Thanks for being here friend! What are some exciting things happening in your life right now? Drop me a comment!