On Nectarines

In my last couple of posts, I mentioned that I'm taking a creative writing workshop class in school. (Are you tired of it yet?) For one of our assignments, we were to look at a photograph that was personal to us and describe it. What we see now, beyond the main subjects of the photo. The photo that I chose to write about was one of my brother and I playing a round of Easter Egg fight. I was probably around 7 years old, my brother around 16. I quite liked it and decided to share it here :)


The object that  catches my eye is a bright, scarlet red. At the middle, marigold. A ripe nectarine. Half eaten on one side alone. Holding it is a little girl; dark brown skin, short brown hair with bangs halfway across her forehead.

My brother and I, in the middle of what looked like a heated Easter egg fight. I love the smiles on our faces and our bright blue and red Easter eggs carefully coated with wax (as to keep them from cracking), but what I find even more interesting is this half- eaten nectarine. I had eaten one side almost completely without a single bite out of the other side. Ever since I could remember, I had a specific process that I go through when eating any type of cored or pitted fruit: eat through the middle of the fruit on all sides, as though you are eating around the pit/ core. This is the only way I can remember eating these fruits; equal eating means equal space for holding said fruit without getting juice all over your hands. The me that I see in this photograph, however didn't seem to care, at least not in this moment.

I find a yearning to be childlike again. To have no pre- conceived notions of things like politics and people and nectarine eating methods. When did such minuscule things like the way we eat a fruit become so important? How do I begin to live like that again?