Summer Style Inspiration

This post is a tad different than my Normal ones. With summer in full swing I’m finding myself so inspired by fashion, one style in particular.

I love the idea of flowy, simple styles that are still durable and comfy enough to go on adventures in. Things you can wear with tennis shoes or slippers or barefoot for that matter! Simple yet pretty things you can just throw on with some sunscreen and be out the door.

So today I’m going to share a sort of “mood board” of photos and fabrics that are totally inspiring my summer style this year.

The Vibe:  boho, vintage, simple, breezy, barefoot, picnic, wildflowers growing on the hillside, picking oranges from the side of the road (I’m extra I know LOL), finding an empty beach 

The Colors: pastels, neutrals

The Fabrics: Linen, cotton, linen, did I mention linen? I know linen is quite expensive, and I definitely do not own a lot of pure linen pieces (or any at all), but I love the texture and the way it softens colors! (And not to mention, how sustainable it is!)

I’ve found that a lot of pieces from the Universal Thread line at Target have this sort of look! Definitely check it out for affordable options! I will note that I believe that many of these styles are pretty classic, so if at all possible, I’d invest in some nicer quality pieces! Another idea is to DIY them! A Pair & A Spare is a great blog for sewing these styles! I’m gonna try a couple out so stay tuned ;)

You can find more pics including links on my Pinterest board here! I’ll constantly be adding to it as well if ya wanna follow along. :)

photo by  lovelyhomeidea  on Etsy

photo by lovelyhomeidea on Etsy

photo by  A Pair & A Spare
photo by  A Pair & A Spare
photo by  A Pair & A Spare
photo by  A Pair & A Spare
Photo by  Travis

Photo by Travis

Where do you find style inspiration? I’d love to know! Orrrr if you need some inspiration, I’m happy to help! Lol. Thank you for being here!