“Content” vs Contentment

Let me talk about social media for a sec. Social media is such a special space. Where we can connect with friends, build businesses if we’d like, and... buy açaí bowls just to take pictures of them? I hate when creatives openly say “I’m shooting lots of content for social media  !”

I get it, creatives want to share things that they think people will love. But I have 2 gripes with this: 1. If you don’t love it, then why put it on a platform that represents who you are? And 2. Since when did the things we love  become reduced to “content for social media”? 

With social media being as big of a force as it is now- whether we like it or not- we create a personal brand for ourselves with every single thing we post. Intentionally or not. Others who only know us through the lens of Instagram and the twittersphere perceive us a certain way because of it. The way we tell them to.  Because of this, we’re constantly looking for ways to tell people how to perceive us. We go to brunch and drink fancy drinks and ever so slightly show off that new manicure, all for the sake of “content”.  I feel like we’re always reaching. Always searching for ways to seem cooler than we are. And because of this, I also   feel it’s so easy to lose track of who we are and what we truly love in the moment while we’re searching for ways to make ourselves and our lives more instagramable. I’ve been guilty of it. 

We naturally want people to like us, it’s true. However, how empty is a “friendship” that forms only because of “aesthetics” and fancy brunches and pretty dresses and flowery fields? Now, I totally understand if that is what truly fills your heart right up and leaves you inspired. What I’m talking about here is intentionally going out of our way to do things just for “the gram” , and passing it off like it’s real life. If you’d rather sleep in and make a late breakfast at home than dress up in a pretty dress to go out and drink mimosas and lattes, then do it. If cooking eggs in an XXL T-shirt you won at a volleyball tournament when you were 16 and drinking black coffee fills you up, then do that instead. 

I guess what I’m trying to say is, it’s  okay   to curate your life a little for social media; lay out your black coffee next to your journal in the morning and wear that pretty dress to frolick in that field that you & your friends are going to. What this world is craving is authenticity —okay, okay, and a little bit of aesthetics. But not aesthetics at the cost of authenicity. All of this is to say one thing: YOU ARE THE BEST YOU AND THERE IS NO COOLER VERSION OF YOU BECAUSE THERE IS NO ONE LIKE YOU. You will always attract like minded people. People will fall in love with who you are. Whether that’s someone who hikes, or surfs, or goes to brunch, or reads books, or a combination of all those things. Be you, truly you,  and you will have the most genuine friendships, most genuine “following” and a healthier state of mind. I promise.