What is Not Serving Me?

A big part of who I am is the way I love others. Whether or not I realize it, it's always been utterly important to me to love people well. Really love them. You've probably heard that it's impossible to love others if you don't love yourself. Being a Christian, I sometimes wrestle with loving my self. My self is a sinner. My self has broken my God's heart time and time again. My self is so undeserving that sometimes if I'm not careful, I can begin condemning myself. However, it's such a fragile, scary, amazing balance- because when I run to God, the one whose heart I've broken, He reminds me that He knows. He created every single part of me, and He loves me. In order for me to fully love God, I must also love His creation... me. And it's easy to say that I love myself because God loves me. But when I dive deeper, thinking about all the things that love entails... do I really? Am I actively showing myself love? Now before you stop reading (the term "self- love" is horrendously overused), I wanna talk about what loving actively looks like to me.

Loving actively looks like spending quality time with someone. Loving actively looks like sacrificing certain things for that person. (can someone say "yes man"?) Loving actively looks like being patient. Being kind. Keeping no record of wrongs. (see 1 Corinthians 13)

Am I patient with  myself? Kind to myself? Spending quality time working on myself? Allowing myself to make mistakes and having grace to get back up again?

In yoga, they have this phrase- "Let go of anything that is no longer serving you". This gets you into a present mindset in hopes of pulling you into that moment. No distractions. As cheesy as this sounds, it works. I'm sure you've heard of meditation, and probably associate it with Buddhist or Hindu practice. However, the word "Meditate" means to engage in contemplation or reflection. Meditation to me is basically getting quiet. Sitting at the Lord's feet. Letting go of any anxiety that is not serving me. Sounds a little selfish, I know- but as I mentioned earlier- how am I supposed to love others if I'm holding onto all the things that are weighing me down, keeping me from loving myself?

Loving yourself and taking time for yourself is not selfish. I'm a firm believer in the fact that we will be no good to this world if we are not remembering to be good to ourselves. So, today, I'm letting go of what is not serving me: Anxiety, condemnation, and bitterness. I hope I can encourage you friend, to do the same.

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