Random Things I’d Probably Tell You Over Coffee

You know how everyone has their quirks? Or how some people enjoy the different parts of little things? The stuff that comes up randomly in conversations. I love hearing that. Like how people like using certain pens because of the “glide” it gives, or flipping through a certain magazine because of the smell, or having the sudden urge to pee in a certain bookstore. I think it’s so fun to hear the ways other people experience the little things. So I decided to share some of mine! Whether or not you really care is up to you, but I know that I personally find these things so interesting lol.

1. I love the newspaper 

I believe everyone should either buy a newspaper, or subscribe to one. Maybe it’s nostalgia or maybe I’m old fashioned... or a little bit of both. I remember growing up with my mom waking me up early for school andme sitting at the breakfast table with my dad. He would read the newspaper with his coffee and hand me the comics section to read. The Sunday paper was the best because it had the colored comics and 2 full pages of comics instead of one. I remember thinking that reading the newspaper while drinking coffee was the most adult thing ever, and now I kind of just absent mindedly do it. There’s just something so satisfying about the smell of it and the sound when you turn each thin page. Plus, it’s good to know what’s going on in your town (and on a larger scale, nation or world)!


2. I think every woman should learn to walk in heels 

BEFORE YOU CRUCIFY ME (lol) let me explain myself. Firstly, I love me some flats. But I also love me some high heels. First reason, they flatter legs so well. Second, the sound they make on hard floors makes you feel like a boss. Third and probably most important reason, they can be used as a weapon. Really. They can. If I’m attacked, is my Birkenstock sandal gonna injure the attacker? It’ll slap them at best. But a heel? That has the potential to go through someone’s foot if it needs to. I’m half joking but also half serious. Consider it ladies.

 3. Even casual Coffee and lunch dates with friends should not include electronics

Sit across from each other. Talk. Catch up. The WiFi probably stinks anyway.  Put the phone down, pick the conversation up. 

4. There’s nothing like a good pair of jeans 

 You know that one pair of jeans you hang onto for an eternity? The kind you can sleep in. Get as many of those as you can. I can be quite the dress girl, but In my opinion there’s nothing quite like those lived in jeans that you can throw on and feel like a million bucks. (And sit however you want!!) Ahem... when ya feel good, ya look good!! I’ve got a few of those and are always on the hunt for more lol. In case you’re wondering where to start, I’ll link some of my favorites.

pssst here they are! American Eagle High rise jegging, Bullhead mom jean, Levis wedgie fit (don’t let the name scare you, they’re insanely comfy) 

*side note* the jeans I linked may not be the exact same ones I have, I’ve had them for yeeaaarsss but If they aren’t, they’re very close. 

5. My favorite color is blue, but I tend to wear and display more yellow 

Yellow to me is such a delightfully stereotypically happy color. It just makes me feel warm and light inside. It reminds me of the sunset and sunrise and the stars and wildflowers. (My equivalent to rainbows and unicorns basically lol) 

I’m sure there are more things, but I figured I’d stop at 5 :) what are some of your lil unique things? Let me know in the comments!

 wearing  Levi’s  jeans here and a  Banana Republic  top (both from  TJ Maxx )

wearing Levi’s jeans here and a Banana Republic top (both from TJ Maxx)