A Broke Girl’s Guide

Hi friends! School starts back up tomorrow, and just thinking about buying textbooks is giving me anxiety. Good and bad. In the spirit of post- Christmas, post- holiday (not working) brokeness, I’ve decided to share some tips I use to keep looking maintained (see also: well kept, groomed, fabulous haha) even when I’m eating ice cubes for lunch.

1. Nude nails

I’m reeeaaaallll boring when it comes to nail polish. I always opt for a nude pink, a brownish nude, or a creamy nude color. I personally just love the way it looks and the fact that it matches with anything, but I also love the fact that it isn’t distracting when it begins growing out- in fact you can hardly tell! I can not afford to be getting my toes done every few weeks, and bright red polish shows a stark contrast with my new nail growth. Nude polish is more discreet and gives the pedicure a longer lasting effect.

Nude colors I love:

OPI Bubble Bath, OPI Samoan Sand, OPI Humidi-tea

pssst, click to shop them!


Thrifted this Zara shirt dress for $5 and wear it every chance I get lol

Thrifted this Zara shirt dress for $5 and wear it every chance I get lol

Bet ya didn’t see that coming... HA. I can’t say it enough- thrifting and discount shopping is a win- win- win. The shopper gets cool new stuff, the seller gets a sale, and the environment gets less waste. I will say that shopping this way is less convenient, but for me, that’s what’s makes it even more rewarding! It’s like going on a treasure hunt lol. Plus, with consumerism at the level it is, I think sometimes it’s good to do things the more thoughtful way. If you really don’t have the time, ThredUP is an amazing option! It’s an online thrift store where you can shop by brand, size or item- just like any other online store! I’ve ordered from them before and cannot say enough good things.

3.  Dresses

Literally just a dress, a bandana, and slippers.

Literally just a dress, a bandana, and slippers.

I feel like it was never a cool thing to like dresses when I was in middle/ high school.  Girly girls were demonized and it was a fad to hate on pretty girls that wore pretty dresses and heels in favor of black Chuck Taylors and band t shirts. Those black chucks are still a part of me and I’ll still rock band tees, but I love dresses. They’re the easiest thing to wear- you literally just throw it on. No fussing about with “does this match” and “which pants should I wear”. They’re one piece of clothing, making it simpler to buy and more cost effective as well. 

I love all the Spring dresses that Old Navy comes out with! Great quality, very pretty and a very good price point. If you’re looking to get spendier, Brandy Melville and Free People (they have amazing sales) always have verrryyy nice dresses!

4. Dark/ White Jeans (no rips)

I’m all about versatile pieces; things I can dress up or down depending on the occasion or just my mood. I love blue denim and distressed stuff, but it isn’t always appropriate for every occasion. However, black or white jeans are normally seen as “dressier”, making them more appropriate for things like work or anywhere that blue jeans may seem a little too casual.

I also never buy distressed denim anymore; when the jeans I buy get worn out I can distress them myself, and it’s almost like I bought a whole new pair of jeans! (Or if we’re going extreme, shorts) Lol. And all it took was a little scissor work and a wash/ dry.

My personal favorites are high waisted jeans. I’m not sure how long the actual trend will last, but all I know is that I’m stocking up.  They flatter nearly every figure and match with nearly every top. What was I even wearing before they came back in style? I can’t remember. LOL but In all seriousness- high waisted jeans are so non fussy, you’ll get so much wear out of them (your moneys worth!!!) and you’ll never wanna wear any other type of Jean again.

Some favorites:

Universal Thread High Rise crop (similar), American Eagle high rise skinny, American Eagle High Rise Girlfriend